Sunday, May 10, 2009

Press Release: Despite the recession, online business continues to boom at rapid rates

Australia, Commonwealth of (Press Release) May 10, 2009 --

Increasing numbers of people are being affected by the recession and there has been a boom in online business and home based business start-ups. Amid the worst economic conditions in 70 years, more people than ever before are using the Internet as a way to earn extra income.

In November 2008, job advertisements on the internet and in newspapers fell for the seventh consecutive month to a near two-year low, according to ANZ’s job ads survey. As employment levels drop, people who are out of work are turning to online businesses as a way to earn some desperately needed cash.

Online Business growth is expected to rise over 20% by 2010 and economists and business experts have already predicted that the next 10 years will be a boom for internet businesses. Warren Buffet has already purchased 2 major internet companies and Donald Trump has started his online Trump University. There is a reason why two of the wealthiest men in the world are investing or creating businesses online-- it's because these areas are booming and will continue to boom. The Internet will produce many new millionaires over the next few years and will become a popular investment choice for people looking at different ways to make an income.

Many traditional bricks and mortar businesses are also continuing to be affected, and as such are realising the importance of selling online. It’s becoming vital to have a website to increase sales with low operational costs and overheads. That means having an online presence allows businesses to delivers more competitive prices to a greater number of buyers.

There is no better time to start an internet business” says Nicole Coughlin-Smith, founder of the Institute of Online Business. The online business world is only just starting to really flourish and now is the best time to create your own online presence. If your not, you can be sure your competitors are!

Nicole gained her knowledge from university and running successful online businesses. Part of her business focus is to help people start their own online business on a budget. Nicole has helped literally hundreds of business and individuals create a successful on line presence.

Nicole says ‘Internet businesses and home based businesses are thriving during this recession because an online business can cost as low as $20 a month to run and you can still fill the washing machine, change nappies and pick up the kids from school. I wanted to provide tools and short cuts to help anyone regardless of their education or financial background be able to set up and run their own online business’.

Internet Statistics shows over 800 million people worldwide are now using the internet. The internet is forever changing the global job scene and world economy, with new opportunities arriving on the internet every day. With today’s technology it is quite possible to run your entire business online from anywhere in the world using your laptop.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Global Goddess - Womens Business Directory

We have created a new Women's Network called The Global Goddess. We will update this post very soon but would just like to give you the addresses to find the site.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Build a website - Printed books available at

Hello to everybody,

EzyPzy websites decided to have a printed edition as well as the already popular digital download. You can purchase the book at For anyone who wants to build a website and more importantly build a cheap professionally looking website, then EzyPzy Websites is the answer. Go to or to order your printed book or download the digital version.

Also for those of you who want to expand your network, why not become a member of

To your success,

Nicole Coughlin-Smith

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Printed Books Now Available at

Well we now have Printed Books available at is my publisher, however i also have a self published printed book available in Australia. Any books ordered through has to come from America. So, if you live in Australia, order from the Australian Order Tab and you will only wait two days for your EzyPzy Website Stuff Ebook. Go to or for Australian Printed Book Orders. You can also order the book from

Thank you